Perfect Weight

Reaching the perfect weight is something many people strive for, but “perfection” is deceptive. “Healthy” is a range, not a number. Therefore, it’s best to leave the number obsession behind and focus on achieving a body weight in the range best suited for your own personal characteristics such as your height, weight, age, and gender.

The Benefits of Turmeric

Today, we highlight one of our favorite functional ingredients, turmeric, with some information from our founder, Dr. Adrienne Youdim, about the value and importance of turmeric

Understanding Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a shrub that is native to India and North Africa. Extracts from its roots and leaves have long been used as an Ayurvedic herb to treat a number of medical issues.

Processed Foods vs. Whole Foods

To help demystify this area, today we’ll talk about the differences between processed foods and whole foods and why processed foods are bad for you – beyond the obvious. You are going to be surprised by what you read!

Coffee With Benefits

Let’s discuss the health benefits of coffee and the ways to ensure that your coffee habit is healthy and helping to improve your overall nutrition.

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