If you savor and look forward to your daily cup of coffee, you’re not alone. As many as two-thirds of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee a day, and for many, coffee is not only part of the daily routine, but it’s a sacred ritual. Whether you use it to connect with friends or family, as a moment to center yourself, or to get ready for the day ahead, our cup of coffee is treasured and has an important role in our lives and daily routine. We get it, we also cherish our coffee ritual and the experience it provides. 

But if your health and nutrition are important to you, you are probably wondering whether coffee is a habit that needs to go. Let’s discuss the health benefits of coffee and the ways to ensure that your coffee habit is healthy and helping to improve your overall nutrition. 

Coffee Health Benefits

While there seems to be controversy about whether coffee is good or bad for you, recent research is unequivocal and shows that, when consumed in moderation, there are a number of health benefits of drinking coffee. A few of the most noteworthy benefits include: 

  • Coffee is high in antioxidants. Antioxidants help to fight inflammation, an underlying cause of many diseases and chronic conditions, and protect cells from damage. 
  • Coffee improves energy levels and brain function. The caffeine in coffee provides an important boost to your brain and can help improve your memory, mood, energy levels, reaction time, and overall mental function. 
  • Caffeine can help burn fat. Research indicates that caffeine can boost your metabolic rate by as much as 11%. 
  • Coffee contains important nutrients including vitamin B2, vitamin B5, manganese and potassium, and magnesium and niacin. 
  • Coffee reduces your risk of certain conditions and diseases including type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and depression. 

Coffee Drinks and Good Coffee 

In recent years, there has been no shortage of studies surrounding the pros and cons of drinking coffee. That research is conclusive: drinking 3-4 cups of coffee a day is not only safe, but it actually provides a number of health benefits. That said, there are some things you’ll want to be mindful of when drinking coffee. First, adding lots of cream, sugar, or flavoring can quickly negate some of the positives of drinking black coffee. Second, drinking more than the daily recommended amount can have negative health impacts including insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure, and digestive issues. 

As with all aspects of your diet, when it comes to drinking coffee, you’ll want to be mindful of exactly what you’re putting into your body. However, when you drink it in moderation and avoid adding large amounts of sugar or cream, coffee is a great addition to your diet. 

So, keep enjoying your favorite coffee drink – whether it’s a latte, espresso, or black coffee – guilt-free. In fact, as you enjoy your next cup take a moment to appreciate the health benefits too and the positive effects of being intentional and thoughtful about your diet and nutrition!