mindfully made


Food is one of our ways of educating and empowering you. Through a combination of modern sciences and ancient practices, we have proudly put together recipes for your health and wellness. Each recipe is mindfully made, making what goes into your body matter.

Recipe rules:

Keep it light!

Remember that add in’s (like chia seeds, nut butters and other nuts and seeds add up)

Mix with water for lowest calorie option, almond milk is a close alternative. But be wary of too much milk, juice or other liquid as a base if weight loss/weight maintenance is your goal.

You can replace your protein powder with our collagen peptides or plant based protein- we like whey when possible for its high bioavailable protein- great for curbing hunger and maintaining muscle mass.

Add more ice for a thicker shake and more water to lighten things up.

Orange Creamsicle

Mixed Berries Blast

Breakfast Latte

Mint Chocolate

Skinny Black Forest Cake

Golden Latte




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