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A Fitness Movement for Everyone With Karly Pavlinac

It’s never been so easy to exercise! Today’s guest, Karly Pavlinac, is the founder and CEO of WAAM, a platform of workouts conducted by the world’s best fitness trainers. She came up with the idea in 2017 while teaching yoga lessons and started developing it in her last college semester. Karly had to struggle to make it happen, but with passion and determination, she created a community of encouragement around fitness.


  • Karly shares how she came up with the idea of WAAM and how she struggled till she made it. 
  • The purpose of WAAM; focus on your own progress with high quality trainers.
  • She explains how learning new things keeps fitness interesting.
  • Incorporating new trainers that were unemployed due to COVID-19.
  • How to find motivation to exercise; understanding why you are doing to create a habit that you enjoy. 

To learn more about Karly, follow her on Instagram or visit her WAAM’s  website

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