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Cannabis-Based Medicine with Dr. Sherry Yafai

Learn what medicinal uses work effectively with cannabis! Today’s guest is Dr. Sherry Yafai, an Emergency Medicine physician oriented and specialized in cannabis-based medicine. She has worked at Providence St. John’s Medical Center since 2009, and after recreational marijuana laws passed, opened her private cannabis clinic, the ReLeaf Institute, where she sees patients referred by physicians for cannabis education and treatment. She empowers patients by encouraging them to participate in their care, working with physical therapy, cognitive therapy, and traditional medicine. 


  • Dr. Yafai tells why cannabis has so many euphemisms in our society.
  • She explains what THC and CBD are and the difference between them.
  • Sherry explains in which states cannabis is legal for recreational use, where it is for medicinal use, and who can buy it.
  • She discusses the importance of the Certificate of Analysis with cannabis to have regulated and not adulterated products.
  • She talks about how CBD topicals work for migraines and muscle aches.
  • Dr. Yafai goes over the effective uses of CBD and ongoing investigations.

To learn more about Sherry, check out The Releaf Institute’s website or reach her at sherry@mdreleaf.com

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