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Creating a Physically-based Experience with Hormonal Coach Whitney Tucker

When feeling hopeless and scared about a situation, many don’t realize that the solution may be within ourselves: all we need is to understand our physical self. This is the idea behind the concept of Embodied Potential, a business founded by today’s guest Whitney Tucker, which offers everything from yoga classes to mobility guides. Whitney is a wellness coach, fitness practitioner, personal trainer and hormonal coach who also helps women optimize their energy, sync with their cycles, and live though purpose using hormonal resetting.


  • Whitney’s personal journey which made her interested in pursuing a path in health is deeply linked to the way she was brought up as a little kid.
  • What the concept of “embodiment” stands for and how Whitney’s understanding of it empowers people to achieve their goals
  • Doing breathwork is a crucial step to take care of our health: actually, it helped Whitney to ease up her Covid-19 symptoms!
  • Whitney describes a couple of breathing techniques and practices that may actually help with your emotional regulation and relaxation. 

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