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Emotion Revolution Through Compassion with Mindset Coach, Dr. Tracey O’Connell

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Once you get self-compassion you are ready to thrive! Today’s guest is Dr. Tracey O’Connell, a “recovering” radiologist and mindset coach who helps people gain the courage to be bolder and more authentic in everything they do. She is a trained Integrative Health Coach, also a certified facilitator in a daring way using Brene Brown techniques. She worked in a private radiology practice for 16 years, stressed out, not feeling happy, and feeling that she was not good enough as a doctor, partner, and parent. Until she quit her job to focus on her and solve those problems to be herself again. Tracy aspires to spark an “Emotional Revolution in Healthcare,” bringing humanity back to medicine for providers and patients alike through formal education about emotional intelligence, compassion, and empathy training.


  • Dr. O’Connell explains why she wants a “Healthcare Revolution of Emotions.”
  • She discusses the meaning of compassion; that innate feeling of helping others when they are suffering.
  • Talk about Kristin Neff, the mother of self-compassion and the three components of it.
  • The difference between self-compassion and self-care.
  • Tracey tells how you can cultivate self-compassion.
  • Why she thinks that people who have a lot of self-compassion have a lot of self-confidence. 
  • Mindfulness meditations that helped her focus on affirmations when she was feeling burnout and exhausted.

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