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For the Love of Food! with Clémence Gossett

Chocolate, pastries, and love—what more could you need? In today’s episode, we are proud to have Clémence Gossett. Clémence started her company, Gourmandise, after meeting her business partner in a kitchen-classroom. In 2011, the two opened The Gourmandise School in Santa Monica, CA. She is a mother, food writer, master food preserver, recipe developer, food consultant, and chocolate lover!


  • Food is related to culture and personal memories.
  • Everybody’s DNA is different so “eating healthy” may be different for every person. 
  • How to incorporate healthy food into our daily lives.
  • Change is not from one day to another. It begins with little changes that eventually make a difference.
  • Teaching others is about finding the best solution for each person

You can learn more about Clémence and The Gourmandise School  Follow her on Instagram and check out the school’s social media page 

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