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Healing the Pain and Finding Self-love with Nitika Chopra

Did you know that 133 millions of Americans suffer from a chronic illness and still feel lonely? Because of this issue, Nitika Chopra, today’s guest, decided to jump into action and spread the voice about her own inspiring story by becoming a Chronic Illness Advocate. At the age of 10, Nitika was diagnosed with a debilitating case of psoriasis and at 19, she was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis that took over most of her joints. Eventually, and after 15 years of battling depression, Nitika learned that she was so much more than just her condition and now she inspires others to learn the same through a platform dedicated to elevate the lives of those living with chronic illness called Chronicon. 


  • Nitika walks us through her personal story and segway into the world of health, wellness and well-being which started with her chronic illness diagnosis at the age of 10
  • At the age of 15, Nitika was at her lowest moments of her life: she felt distressed and hopeless until a special event happened
  • The importance of understanding that the points of pain that we encounter during our lives are moments that carry the deepest wisdom 
  • For Nitika, investing in your self-love is key and sometimes that involves having nourishing habits such as having a warm bath, having your favourite coffee in the morning or even going for a relaxing walk!

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