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Healthy Lifestyle: Myths VS Reality with Sharon Palmer

Your everyday food choices can be the most powerful thing you do for your health. That is what today’s Health Bite guest believes. Sharon Palmer is a “power plant” dietitian who has made a career of combining her two great loves: nutrition and writing on her blog,  The Plant-Powered Dietitian. There, she teaches others how food choices make a considerable impact on protecting the environment for future generations. 


  • The economic benefits of buying healthier food choices.
  • Tips on how to manage a budget for purchasing food. 
  • Healthy alternatives that you can choose based on the season that food growths.
  • Seasonality of flavors and nutrients.
  • Ideas that can help preserve food for longer periods.
  • What happens to nutrients when you freeze food.

To learn more about Sharon Palmer you can check out her website, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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