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How To Gracefully Navigate A Career Shift Even In The Worst Of Circumstances With Nerissa Kreher

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Dr. Nerissa Kreher is a pediatric endocrinologist founder of Industry MD coach, where she helps physicians navigate a career shift into the pharmacologic industry. Dr. Nerissa shares her insights from making a huge and unlikely career shift shortly after fellowship training. As a part of her pivoting into a new industry, she also founded Industry MD coach, where she helps other physicians navigate career shifts. Listen as she shares her story. 


  • How does a highly skilled and specialized practitioner find an out-of-the-box way to utilize the same skills they’ve honed over years of education?
  • Learn how to navigate the fear of a career change. 
  • Learn the source of an unlikely determinant of health outcomes. 
  • Learn the barriers to transitioning into a new career. 

Need help transitioning into a new career? Dr. Kreher can be found at  IndustryMDCoach

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