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How to Manage Self-awareness Through Mindfulness Meditation with Diana Winston

Life can be pretty chaotic at times, which is why our minds can sometimes wander in all directions. The key to bringing everything back together is mindfulness. On today’s HealthBite podcast, special guest Diana Winston discusses the significance of meditation and natural awareness and how it can help you improve your lifestyle. As the director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA, Diana has untapped the human mind to provide a positive state of mind and sense of self. She has made it her mission to create awareness and guide those in search of a fulfilling life.


  • How to train your mind to stay focused on the present by not dwelling on the past and stressing over the future
  • The importance of mental and physical health on the body through mindful meditation 
  • The difference between formal and informal mindfulness practice 
  • How to find peace and positivity within yourself and lifestyle 
  • How to improve behavioral and mental health in adolescents and adults through mindfulness training  
  • What to do to limit distractions and incorporate a form of meditation that helps you
  • How to cultivate self-compassion by changing your state of mind 

You can learn more about Diana by visiting her website or following her on Twitter and Facebook.Remember to follow Dehl Nutrition on Instagram and Facebook.

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