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Learning To Let Go with Dr. Jessie Mahoney

Leave behind all those ‘shoulds,’ and accept the ‘what is.’ Today’s guest is Dr. Jesse Mahoney, a Board Certified pediatrician, relationship coach, and a mindfulness instructor. She is the founder of Pause and Presence Coaching, where she supports people who “succeed on the surface but struggle on the bottom.” Her journey in coaching began after struggling with personal issues, learning to think differently. Dr. Mahoney uses mindfulness and mindfulness training tools to help her clients shed stress and find a peaceful and healthy life. As a founding leader of the Mindful Healthcare Collective, she teaches yoga nutrition and healing and does a wonderful job alleviating struggles with relationships, parenting, career decisions, or job burnout to eliminate physical and emotional clutter. 


  • Dr. Jesse Mahoney tells how COVID-19 has “touched” relationships; our expectations of everything have changed.
  • The importance of focusing on what is under our control and letting go what is not.
  • Dr. Mahoney embraces letting go of the “shoulds” to get into the “what is” and accept them.
  • Expectations and why it is better to get rid of them to make things work better.
  • Learn how to change your mindset to decrease the level of chronic stress.
  • How yoga helped her to deal with stress.
  • She says why when we are more mindful we make healthier decisions. 

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