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Mitigating Trauma Through Resiliency Building with Dr. Kemia Sarraf

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Everyone can overcome a trauma with the right training! Today’s guest is Dr. Kemia Sarraf, Founder and CEO of Lodestar, where they conduct highly personalized and professional trauma-informed coaching that advances the client in their professional and personal life. Dr. Sarraf earned a Master of Public Health, a Bachelor of Medicine, and completed her residency in Internal Medicine. As a trauma specialist, executive trainer, and physician, she founded Lodestar in 2015, responding to a growing need for trauma mitigation training methods for medical colleagues reporting high levels of burnout, indirect trauma, and moral harm. The complications of 2020 brought a great need for their training services, so the Lodestar team expanded to bring more compassion, wisdom and joy to continue to mitigate the trauma.


  • Dr. Sarraf explains how she started helping doctors with burnout and stress.
  • She tells how this global crisis affects trauma and why the most resilient people are experiencing a resilience crisis.
  • She talks about when she became more interested in the practice of preventive care.
  • Dr. Sarraf says how she got involved in coaching and what prejudices she had before doing it.
  • She speaks about the misconceptions of trauma, and why it can be not only catastrophic but also environmental.
  • What is epigenetics; how the experiences we have impact our DNA.
  • The importance of having someone in your life who stands on the high tower.

To learn more about Dr. Kemia Sarraf, check out Lodestar’s website, or follow her on Twitter.

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