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Natural Remedies to Support Long-Term Wellness with Danielle Ryan Broida

Learn how to acquire true wellness and vitality with natural medicine! Today’s guest, Danielle Ryan Broida, is an Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist and Instructor of Mycology. She is deeply passionate about functional food ingredients and Ayurveda holistic healing. Finding balance is the key to everything, which is why she approves of mixing traditional healthcare with natural remedies. Acknowledging what you eat and incorporating functional mushrooms into your diet, for example, are some of the tips she’s going to share. Danielle believes that taking care of yourself is thinking about long-term wellness…that’s what she preaches and seeks every day!


  • Danielle Ryan Broida shares her path to herbalism, and how she found her purpose in educating and inspiring people about natural remedies.
  • She explains the elements of Ayurveda and the key to balancing the doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
  • Acknowledging what we eat and incorporating more plants into our diet will help our long-term health.
  • Vitamin D and the importance of going outside and walking in nature.
  • She recommends bringing functional mushrooms into our diet because they are the oldest, safest and natural medicines.
  • Danielle thinks we need to support our stress response by getting what we need from our food, before supplementation. 
  • Starting with vitalist practices, like hydrotherapy, to awaken our inner vitality.

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