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Sex Talk During COVID-19 with Kristie Overstreet

Sex is often a topic which is not talked about but did you know that for medicine it’s considered as one of our health pillars? Today’s guest, Kristie Overstreet, is a clinical sexologist, psychotherapist, and author who is here to alleviate all of our doubts about intimacy during COVID-19 and reveal the importance of sex for staying healthy. 


  • Kristie explains what a sexologist is, how she got into the profession, and the importance of bringing sex into conversations and destigmatizing its meaning 
  • There are different barriers that couples encounter when wanting to talk about sex or their personal desires and Kristie explains the importance of identifying them
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on our ability to connect and be intimate with others, which Kristie considers completely understandable
  • Kristie gives advice for those who are having difficulties when connecting with their partners in this scary and unpredictable context
  • There are a few main factors that damage libido and Kristie describes how to get past them
  • Sex as a health pillar and the importance of believing and caring for your sexual self 
  • Kristie identifies the most common concerns that she hears from her clients and she gives some guidance to mitigate them 

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