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SoulCycling with Madison Ciccone

Have you ever struggled with working out by yourself because you don’t feel motivated? Today’s guest might have the solution for you! Madison Ciccone is a SoulCycle Master  Instructor and personal development coach on and beyond the bike in Boston. Today, she’ll  share with us her best wellness and lifestyle practices and we’ll be talking about the importance of following your true passion!


  • Madison’s journey towards the lifestyle and wellness world started from a very young age. She has always had a champion spirit; she used to be an athlete and a cheerleader in college.
  • Even though Madison had this true passion for lifestyle and wellness, she decided to pursue a career in advertising, digital marketing, and entertainment which eventually led to her feeling burned out.
  • Once she got to this breaking point, Madison decided to join SoulCycle as an Assistant Studio Manager. Today, she has grown into a Master Instructor at the same company, which is what her true passion is. 
  • Madison explains what SoulCycle is, what its core values are, and what its main objective is: helping you reach the best version of yourself.
  • Working out can be tough when trying to do it all by yourself, but when there are others that hold you accountable, you are more likely to get through it.
  • She talks about the importance of not being ashamed of being a beginner at something: in order to get better and excel, you need to feel a little bit uncomfortable first!
  • Madison details some other rituals and practices that she has incorporated into her life, like setting goals, being grateful, and not using your phone before bedtime, to name a few. 
  • Some of Madison’s projects for the future involve launching a new podcast and launching a conference course targeting millennials and Gen Zers.

To learn more about Madison, follow her on Instagram or check her website out. 

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