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The Five Pillars of Nourishment and Nutrition (Part Two) with Dr. Adrienne Youdim

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This week we are back for part two of The Five Pillars of Nourishment and Nutrition, part of my Hungry for More series in which we explore and learn about the physiologic, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our hunger. Today I discuss the final two pillars, explore why they are important for nourishment, and provide tips and tricks for implementing these concepts in your life.


  • Learn how your mindset affects your performance and your health.
  • Explore the importance of self-compassion and the three elements of practicing it.
  • Discover the benefits of being in and engaging with nature.
  • Learn about introspective and creative practices which can help process emotions and improve cognition.
  • Find out how to learn to set boundaries and make time for priorities.
  • See the importance of overcoming barriers and setting routines.
  • Learn how to create an environment for success.

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