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The Secret to Gut Health and Hormones With Dr. Jennifer Roelands

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Gut health can play a large role in the overall wellness and health of a woman. Dr. Jennifer Roelands- OB-GYN, Health Coach and Hormone Specialist, shares her insights as a woman with PCOS and treating patients every day. Dr. Roelands came to health coaching during her own journey with PCOS and autoimmune dysfunction. She learned how to heal herself with nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset. Now, Dr. Roelands has brought more than a decade of Ob/GYN practice coupled with her training in holistic medicine and health coaching and created multiple programs for people who were once just like her. 


  • Dr. Jennifer Roelands explains the signs and symptoms of PCOS, and how it’s diagnosed.
  • What type of nutrition is best for women with PCOS?
  • How you could be at an increased risk for Cardiovascular Disease if you have PCOS.
  • Could changing your diet really help your Acne? 
  • The one fact around menopause that might shock you. 

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