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Transforming Yourself with Celebrity Trainer Jay Cardiello

On today’s episode, we have Jay Cardiello as a guest. Jay is a strength and conditioning specialist who has a really straightforward approach to the food-and-diet culture. His way of working has made him one of the most recognized fitness and health professionals in the world. He has worked with tons of celebrities, and his book “Bodyweight Strength Training” is an Amazon Best Seller. 


  • Food is the habit, not the root cause.
  • You can’t move forward without resolving your past.
  • This hunger we have for food is often hunger for something else: hunger for belonging, hunger for being loved, hunger for connection. 
  • Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice.
  • What you say is what you become and what you attract.
  • We have to watch what we say to ourselves.

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