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Vegan Corned Beef with Jenny Goldfarb

Ever tried a plant-based corned beef? Well, you will want to after listening to today’s episode with Jenny Goldfarb, a plant-based sensation entrepreneur who launched Unreal Deli. Jenny created her the products after she became vegan about five years ago, she made the decision as a result of watching videos on animal cruelty. However, she missed the deli meats that had been very important in her family’s Jewish history. In November 2019, Goldfarb decided to take her line of plant-based products to Shark Tank and was able to land a quarter-million-dollar investment from Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban. 


  • Embracing food and how it relates back to activism and social changes.  
  • Advice on how to cook healthy meals for your kids when you are a busy mom.
  • Looking for creative ways to cook veggies.
  • Why you shouldn’t be tied down to an idea or goal, it’s ok if you decide to make changes or take breaks. 
  • Dealing with today’s challenge of keeping a family together during dinner time.
  • Maintaining healthy food intentions while having a busy schedule.

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