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What You Never Knew About Exercise, Weight loss and Dieting With Jennifer Zerling

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JZ holds a master’s degree in Kinesiology and has over 20 years experience as a fitness expert and over 14 years of nutrition experience working in both clinical weight loss and age management medicine. JZ recently launched her JZ Fitness lifestyle course, she’s an Orangetheory Fitness coach, she writes the fitness programming for Matthew Mcconaughey’s not-for-profit JK Livin program and she is the fitness and nutrition counselor for Optimal Medical Group.  This week she talks with me about being an athlete but still feeling like she wasn’t thin enough. We discuss the risks of being too thin, along with healthy ways to view foods. 


  • The myth that exercising equals weight loss and the true benefits of exercise. 
  • How being too thin can worsen your overall health. 
  • Where to really start if you want to begin to introduce more exercise into your daily routine. 
  • The Tabata method and how you can use it when starting a new exercise goal. 
  • What is exercise? It’s probably not what you think! 
  • How do you get your children started on the right path with eating healthy? 

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