Exercise…we all know it’s important, but working out the details is not always easy. Deciding on the type of exercise…running, walking, weight lifting, aerobics, class vs. no class, gym vs. home equipment is tough in and of itself, let alone getting yourself motivated to begin, then, deciding on a routine or schedule. Here in this blog, we aim to make one decision easy for you: the decision to do it regularly. 

Importance of exercise

You know exercise is good for weight loss and maintaining a healthy metabolism, but there are so many ways that it benefits you! It also helps your physical health by lowering your risk of stroke, type II diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. It is also associated with a reduced risk of certain cancers such as breast and colon cancer. Lastly, exercise helps your mental well-being reducing anxiety and depressed mood. The adrenaline released during exercise gives you a burst of energy so once bedtime rolls around, you will sleep better. So exercise is beneficial in many ways. But how to make sure you stick with it?

Why exercise regularly? 

Which do you think is better: going on daily after-dinner walks, or powerlifting for a month before your motivation fizzles out and you stop? Believe it or not, regular exercise, even if it isn’t moderate or intense, is better for you in the long run. The main thing, like with your diet, is to choose something that will last in the long run. If you go all out after a long hiatus, odds are you may burn out easily. On the other hand, if you work your way up to more intense workouts with time, this, in the end, will be more sustainable. But the main thing is to choose a type of exercise that you enjoy. And you can certainly mix it up! An aerobic dance class once a week, kickboxing another day, and then a leisurely half-hour stroll twice a week is a great start. 

So remember, whatever type of exercise you choose, sustainability is the buzzword. If you’re committed to putting in hours at the gym right off the bat, that’s great, but just make sure it’s something you like doing so it can become a habit!